Makers of the Bullseye

Robatic is a team of Biosystems Engineering students from Wageningen University & Research. Each year a new group participates in the Field Robot Event, a competition where an autonomous robot has to fulfill several tasks in an agricultural environment. 

In previous years the teams every time continued working on the Bullseye, an iteratively developed four wheel steered robot. This allowed for ongoing improvement and nice results in the field.

Simulated environment

As the international Field Robot Event in 2021 is organised online, no use can be made of the physical Bullseye. Instead, a robot provided by the organisation is used. This is the Clearpath Jackal, a differential steered four wheel robot. It is implemented in Gazebo, where it can function using the same software as used for the Bullseye. So Team 2021 further develops the code from previous years to make it suitable for the specific challenges of this year.