Makers of the Bullseye

Robatic is a team of Biosystems Engineering students from Wageningen University & Research. Each year a new group participates in the Field Robot Event, a competition where an autonomous robot has to fulfill several tasks in an agricultural environment. 

Every year the team continues working on the Bullseye, an iteratively developed four wheel steered robot. This allowed for ongoing improvement and good results in the field.

FRE 2023: Second place

During the Field Robot Event 2023, fifteen teams competed on five tasks at the University of Maribor in Slovenia. On the first day of the event, Team Robatic became third on task 1 and second on task 2. These tasks were on navigation and treatment of plants. The second competition day, the Bullseye came in third in task 3 and fourth in task 4, both tasks focussing on obstacle recognition. In total this resulted in a second place for the overall competition.

Day three of the event, there was a freestyle task which did not contribute to the overall ranking. Team Robatic came in first for this task. The idea was that the robot takes over the job of the farmer for luring the cows back to the farm to decrease labor.

Winning FRE 2021

From June 8th till 10th, the International Field Robot Event 2021 took place in virtual environment. Fourteen teams competed on four tasks of increasing difficulty. On the first day of the event, Team Robatic 2021 became third and first, for respectively the basic and advanced navigation task. On the second day of the event, the team became first and second respectively for the field mapping and removal of objects tasks. This yielded a total of 114 points, which meant an overall win for the team.