Companies and us

Every year companies active in the agricultural domain sponsor the Robatic team. This allows the team to make use of the newest hard- and software. Every year, new sponsorships can be made. If you are interested in working with us, don’t hesitate to get in contact. 

Below you can find some information about the companies that sponsored the team in 2024.

About Lemken

Lemken is a pioneering developer and manufacturer of agricultural machinery, specializing in innovative solutions that optimize crop care from planting to harvest. Their commitment to excellence is encapsulated in their motto: “Innovative farming technology for high-yield agriculture.” Lemken, prides itself on creating machines that deliver precisely what each plant needs, ensuring optimal growth and yield. Through their cutting-edge technology and user-friendly designs, they empower farmers to enhance food production on existing farmland while conserving resources such as water, crop protection agents, and fuel.

About Claas Stiftung

The Claas Stiftung, established in 1999, supports education and research in agricultural technology. It offers the Helmus Claas Scholarship, promotes MINT (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) competitions, and funds international research projects. The foundation collaborates with schools, universities and experts to foster innovation and interest in agricultural science among students.

About Wageningen University and Research

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is a leading institution in the field of agricultural and environmental sciences, focusing on research and education to improve the quality of life. With a stron emphasis on innovation, WUR integrates technology with life sciences to address global challenges related to food security, climate change and sustainable agriculture.

About Agrifac

Agrifac is a developer and manufacturer of (self-propelled) agricultural sprayers that enable our customers to take care of their crops from seed to harvest. As the first manufacturer, Agrifac develops machines that offer each plant exactly what it needs. We call this “Every drop hits the right spot”. Instead of cultivating more and more land, Agrifac’s innovative tools make it possible to increase food production on existing farmland with less water, crop protection and fuel. Agrifac wants to contribute to feeding the world in a sustainable way with smart and user-friendly solutions.

About Kverneland Group

Kverneland is an innovative production company that was previously voted entrepreneur of the year in the Haarlemmermeer. Kverneland develops and produces innovative agricultural machines and associated control systems in Nieuw-Vennep. In a world where the production of quality food is becoming increasingly important, agricultural machinery is indispensable.

About Maxon

Maxon specializes in high-precision drive systems known for their reliability, performance, and quality. Serving industries like medical technology, industrial automation, aerospace, and mobility, they offer innovative and customized solutions. Maxon emphasizes sustainability and invests heavily in research and development to advance drive technology.

Kuhn Geldrop is specialized in advanced agricultural machinery. Located in Geldrop, the company focuses on the development and production of related machinery designed to improve efficiency and productivity in agricultural operations. Kuhn Geldrop is known for its innovation and commitment to quality, providing farmers with reliable and high-performance tools.